Snam Alhemam Contracting

We are a general contracting, maintenance, and spare parts and logistics company. We provide comprehensive services to our clients in the construction, industrial, and commercial sectors, and we strive to meet their needs and achieve their satisfaction.

Our Services

Industrial Facilities Services

Industrial facilities services encompass the maintenance of machinery and equipment, electrical systems maintenance, mechanical systems maintenance, control and automation systems maintenance, as well as the maintenance of industrial structures and buildings. 

Supply of Spare Parts

The supply of spare parts involves providing spare parts and accessories, as well as offering services, technical support, and maintenance for the supplied spare parts. Additionally, it includes providing advice and consultations regarding spare parts, equipment, and suitability.

Logistics Services

Logistics services encompass various activities involved in the efficient management of the supply chain. These services include transportation and delivery, storage and warehouse management, shipping and unloading, packaging and distribution, logistics and supply chain management.

Building and Facility Maintenance

Building and facility maintenance encompasses various tasks and services aimed at keeping structures and facilities in good condition. These include painting, as well as the installation of aluminum doors and windows, among others.

The company strives to provide high-quality services and adhere to ethical, environmental, and social responsible practices. It aims to build trust among customers and the community.


  • Water Jetting.
  • Bundle Extraction.
  • Cleaning of Solid Pipes.
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning.
  • Tank Cleaning.
  • Cold Water Abrasive Cutting.
  • Protective Coating and Painting.
  • Abrasive Blasting/Sandblasting.
  • Hydroblasting.
  • Cleaning of Cooling Water Pipes.

Equipment and Spare Parts Supply

  • Spare parts and accessories supply: The company also supplies spare parts and accessories needed for equipment maintenance and repair. Original manufactured or high-quality replacement parts are provided to ensure the sustainability and performance of the equipment.
  • Technical and maintenance services: We provide technical and maintenance services for the supplied equipment. Qualified technical teams are provided to carry out equipment maintenance and repair on a regular basis and provide the necessary technical support to contractors.
  • Consultation and advice: We provide consultation and advice to contractors on identifying the appropriate equipment for project needs and helping them make the right decisions regarding equipment and spare parts.
  • Shipping and delivery: The company collaborates with shipping and transportation companies to provide efficient and safe shipping and delivery services for equipment and spare parts to the project site.

Our mission

The company seeks to provide high-quality services, commit to ethical and environmentally and socially responsible practices, and enhance trust with customers and the community….

our vision

To be a leader in the contracting and property maintenance sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by providing exceptional contracting and maintenance services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Our objectives

Providing High-Quality Services, Growth and Expansion, Innovation and Development, Continuous Improvement, Commitment to Social Responsibility, Building a Good Reputation…


Al Khobar, Al Khazama District, Building No. 3, Office 409.
(966) 59 524 4448